Torro Funding Requirements

Unveiling Torro Funding: Requirements, Reviews, and Legitimacy

Are you a business owner in the United States seeking funding to jumpstart or elevate your venture? You might have stumbled upon Torro Funding. This company offers quick and accessible business capital, but before diving in, it’s crucial to understand their Torro funding requirements, legitimacy, and what past customers have experienced.

Torro Funding Requirements

While Torro advertises itself as having minimal requirements, there are some key factors they consider:

  • Business Age: They generally prefer businesses operational for at least 3 months.
  • Personal Credit Score: A minimum credit score of 450 is considered, but a higher score increases approval chances and lowers interest rates.
  • Monthly Deposits: Businesses with a monthly deposit history of at least $10,000 are looked upon favorably.
  • Leverage Ratio: A leverage ratio below 45% indicates a healthy financial position for your business. (Leverage ratio refers to the amount of debt a company has compared to its equity.)

Is Torro Funding Legit?

Torro Funding appears to be a legitimate company. They are registered and active in Utah and have positive reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, due diligence is always recommended. Here are some points to consider:

  • High-Interest Rates: Torro Funding’s maximum APR is 36%, which is significantly higher than traditional bank loans.
  • Limited Transparency: While they claim a streamlined application process, their website lacks detailed information about fees and terms.
  • Focus on New Businesses: Their emphasis on funding startups with limited credit history might raise a red flag for some.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Torro Funding


  • Fast and Easy Application: Torro boasts a streamlined application process, allowing for quicker access to funding compared to traditional banks.
  • Minimal Requirements: Compared to traditional lenders, Torro seems to have less stringent requirements, potentially opening doors for newer businesses.
  • Suitable for Startups: With a focus on funding businesses with shorter operational history, they might be a viable option for ventures struggling to secure funding from traditional sources.


  • High-Interest Rates: The maximum APR of 36% is significantly higher than most traditional bank loans, leading to a greater financial burden in the long run.
  • Limited Transparency: The lack of detailed information regarding fees and loan terms on their website can be concerning.
  • Negative Reviews: Customer reviews point to difficulties with high-interest rates, unclear terms, and contacting customer service.
  • Unsuitable for Long-Term Needs: With short loan terms and high costs, Torro funding might not be suitable for long-term business needs.

Overall, Torro Funding offers an option for quick capital access, but the high costs and potential drawbacks require careful consideration. For businesses with good credit and long-term financial goals, exploring traditional bank loans or alternative lenders with lower interest rates might be a wiser choice.

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Torro Business Funding Reviews

Customer reviews regarding Torro Business Funding are mixed. Some users appreciate the fast and easy application process, while others express concerns about the high-interest rates and limited loan terms.

Here are some key takeaways from reviews:

  • Positive: Quick approval, minimal paperwork.
  • Negative: High APR, unclear terms, difficulty contacting customer service.

Reading online reviews can offer valuable insights, but remember, individual experiences may vary.

Torro Logo

Torro Business Funding - Zero Hassle Business Funding For you Dream

However, you can find the Torro Funding logo on their website (

Is Toro Legit?

Based on available information, Torro appears to be a legitimate company. However, “legit” doesn’t necessarily equate to “best fit” for your situation. Consider the high-interest rates and potential drawbacks before applying.

In Conclusion

Torro Funding offers a potential solution for US businesses seeking quick access to capital. However, thoroughly assess the Torro funding requirements, interest rates, and customer reviews before committing. Remember, exploring alternative funding options with potentially lower interest rates might be a better long-term strategy.

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