In this tech world there are lots of things to do like that if you are a photographer or doing videography then just look at lightroom video presets free.

Today we are going to discuss lots of things and also give a pack of Video Lightroom presets the things which we are going to discuss here.

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These are the term which we are describe here and also step by step try to solve all the issues regarding to your query like about Lightroom Video Presets.

If you are photographer or using lightroom application then you must famalier with the term of “Video Lightroom Presets”. But in short we will give you sneak peak that lightroom presets are the filter type which change the color of your videos.

You have seen lots of cinematic shots on the social media they are not raw, they are after effects. Basically they apply the Lightroom presets. Presets are available for both video and photos.

If you need presets for photos then you can look here:-

How to use Lightroom Presets on Video?

The ways that you can opt. when you are doing the color grading of your raw video. Basically, Raw videos are only shoot when video grapher edit them they will add the touch up like includes the presets on it.

Steps to apply the Video Lightroom Presets:- 

  • Open your lightroom mobile application.
  • If you have’nt then you need to download it from playstore.
  • Click on simple three dots which you are seeing in the right.
  • And import the presets, and you can also copy past the settings which we are giving at youtube channel video.

These are the simple ways that you can apply on your videos and they will look perfectly and edited perfectly. Even the lightroom presets for videos we are giving to you are ready to use and we have applied on one video to test it.

You can also trim a sample video for 10 to 20 second and then apply it on your video and see the change. This will be more helpful for you.

Lightroom presets for video iphone

We know that most of the users are using Iphone that’s why they are not properly guided to install the application and run it perfectly.

Lightroom has lots of features which can amaze you anytime when you unlock them. Only one thing we are trying to solve that how you can use the preset in Iphone.

So only interface changed otherwise everyting is same you can learn through the video and it is not so hard you can easily adapt the steps and apply the same.

Videos are the best way to share your emotions, and if you are proffesional creater or not, but you can use the presets and enhance the quality according to your need. This can give you the best learning and also the easy to apply settings.

We have told here many times about the photos presets, and peoples who like to click thier photos at the daily basis they came and apply it easily. This will help them to make thier photos cool and also attractive.

How to download free prese to lightroom?

The simple steps that you can take to download it in easy way becuase we have shared with you. Once you will learn the steps that you can not forget easily.

  • If you reach to this article then you will get all about the learning things.
  • We are giving full of access to the Latest Video Presets to the users.
  • The file is included the password so you need to apply it and unzip it easily.
  • Once you can unzip the file you will get the file with different names becuase we have shared lots of preset to you.
  • Other if you do need understand the steps then see this youtube video to learn more.

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By Hamida