Hello and welcome Today we have brought up only for you Top 300+ Lightroom Presets Download For Free. You are thinking about these lightroom presets how should you use them.

So guys don’t worry there is a simple video only for you to solve your queries. We have shared here the best and amazing Lightroom presets. But we will not stop until our collection is over.

There is huge collection of the lightroom presets. One of the favourite lightrooms presets which we are going to share now.

But it’s our duty to tell the peoples who are coming here from different sources that what is Lightroom presets?

What is lightroom presets?

Guys actually we have a youtube channel where we give photo editing and retouching. You have noticed that lots of social media like Instagram, Snapchat has filters.

But somewhere they will break the quality of the photos. Lightroom Presets is a .dng and .xmp file given by us.

When you apply this to your photographs you will get massive results. Once you will try this lightroom presets.

Before and After Lightroom Presets

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What do you need to keep in your mind for lightroom presets?

Guys when are you going to apply the Lightroom presets. You need to keep in your mind that your subject which is model usually. Standing on the plan surface and you need to keep the background simple not so complicated.

  • If you blur the background that much better.
  • All colours should be present easily in your photo.
  • Only apply these presets on Raw photos guys.


Girls can try these lightroom presets to make their photos super cool. It looks like you are standing in the winter’s sun rays.

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note there are lots of lightroom presets available here which give your photo a super cool look guys. Step by step you can apply and see the results. Here is a video also:-


By Hamida