Hello you will get it today the amaizng and really cool interesting Top 185+ Lightroom Presets. This is going to be the awesome preset when you apply on your photos this will give detailing in picture.

You will love to have the best lightroom presets. Once you will apply on your photo, You will use it at the daily basis you know.

There are lots of peoples who are using the preset and they will get the detailing preset all the time. If you want to get the presets as well as then why don’t you try this.

You can have these presets in the form of DNG format and XMP Format also.


You can see the before and after effect only here. There are cool and interesting way that make your photo more interesting guys. If you don’t try this still then you need to have this atleast once you know.

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Why to apply the presets?

Peoples are using presets is like the cool things that you will not find in anywhere else.

  • Easy to Apply the Presets
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You can see this image guys How’s cool the photo is looking. When you pose the best then you will find here the amzing and really cool preset for detailing.

This is going to be the trendy preset guys. And always get the amazing presets on this place, we called it planet guys hahaha.


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By Hamida